CT Red Cross Volunteers Help During Deadly CA Fires

People from our state are stepping up to help those affected by the raging fires in California.

About a half dozen American Red Cross volunteers from our state – including at least one who recently responded for hurricane recovery – are now supporting those dealing with the deadly fires.

Red Cross volunteer Joe Apicelli is on the ground in California in a region devastated by the Camp Fire.

In the city of Chico, the Groton-native is helping to serve meals to some of the tens of thousands who left their homes because of the destructive flames.

“Some of the local teenagers are numb from this. They can’t believe that their school is burned down and they’re not sure when they’re going back to class. They’re cautioned to be upbeat. But you can just see it in their eyes. They’re not sure,” said Apicelli.

So far, dozens have died during the most destructive fire in California’s history. It has torched about 6,500 homes.

For those who head to safety, there are several shelters and they will find hard-working volunteers including Apicelli.

He’s ready to serve them a warm meal and provide a bit of comfort in the chaos.

“People are just flocking to us for advice. They’re flocking to us for information and hope," said Apicelli.

Apicelli expects to help out in California for at least three weeks before returning to Connecticut.

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