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CT to Track Cannabis from When It's Planted to When It's Sold

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NBC Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is going to track cannabis from when it is first planted to when it’s sold to the consumer and has selected a service to track the inventory.

Cannabis was approved for adult use in Connecticut in June and the state Department of Consumer Protection Drug Control Division said it is going to be using an inventory tracking system to get real-time information on the cannabis inventory and to keep it from being diverted illegally.

The state announced Monday that it has selected Consultants Consortium, Inc., and its partner, Forian, for its Biotrack inventory tracking system.

The system will monitor the movement of cannabis products in the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis markets, according to the state Department of Consumer Protection.

Officials said cannabis licensees will be required to enter information into the Cannabis Analytic Tracking System.

“Being able to track the state’s cannabis inventory from seed to sale will allow the department to monitor cannabis production and inventory as it moves from the earliest phases of growth to when it reaches the qualifying patient or consumer,” DCP Commissioner Michelle Seagull said in a statement. “This information will allow us to see what is currently available in both markets, project future inventory, and identify any potential diversion in the markets.”

The Department of Consumer Protection said that the department and the Department of Revenue Services will use this so-called “seed-to-sale tracking” to track cannabis from when it is planted as a seed or clone to when it’s sold to the consumer. The information it collects will be made available to other entities, including law enforcement, as required by law.

Adult-use cannabis retail sales are expected to begin in the state by the end of 2022.

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