CT Transit Buses Under Expert Review

The big blue CT Transit buses in greater Hartford and how they can best serve the public are under expert review but the public is having its say in surveys and public meetings.

"Public input is going to be one factor going in to identifying a hybrid or preferred alternative but we're also going to be looking at things like potential ridership increases as a result of the different routing changes," said Cara Radzins, transportation planner with the Capitol Region Council of Governments after a public meeting last Tuesday.

The study goes to CT Transit and the state's department of transportation later this year for possible implementation next year.

The bus service makes the difference for many passengers between getting to work or school and being stuck at home.

Radzins said there are two potential scenarios for improvement.

The experts studying greater Hartford bus service have developed two potential scenarios for improvement.

"One would be looking at more minor changes, just small route level tweaks to the existing service. And then the second would be a more fundamental overhaul of the system," Radzins said.

That fundamental overhaul Radzin said might mean fewer transfers in downtown Hartford and more suburb to suburb bus service, if that turns out to be more efficient.

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