CT Venues Talk Safety Following Fatal Manchester Explosion

Venues around the state are talking safety following the fatal bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

"Safety and security is always on our mind for every event," said Hartford Yardgoats General Manager Tim Restall.

Restall said keeping thousands of visitors safe at Dunkin Donuts Park is an effort constantly being assessed.

"When you have 6,000 people come in your home you always have procedures on your mind," Restall said.

Some procedures include PA systems, bag checks and extra staff keeping a watchful eye, while also working closely with Hartford Police.

"We are always going to try and adjust and monitor, you're going to see increased security at events I'm sure there's going to be a lot more searching getting into events so,” said Hartford Police Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

Venue visitors like Sarthick Gowdar like the sound of more security in the wake of yesterday’s deadly explosion at the Ariana Grande concert in England.

"Whatever we can do to eliminate it, do it,” Gowdar said.

XL Center management released a statement saying:

"We are following these tragic events closely and we will respond appropriately as we move forward."

Gowdar said news of an attack is always somber to hear. But news of increased security is welcomed.

"When you hear about these types of things, and you definitely want to see as much security as possible," Gowdar said.

Hartford Police said they have no indication of threats in the city. They do say they will have increased police presence at venues and events.

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