CT Voters Back Trump and Clinton for President

According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll of Connecticut voters, the front runners on each side of the aisle are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, mirroring national trends in the race for president.

Among Democrats, Clinton collects 37 percent of voters, while Bernie Sanders sees 25 percent and Vice President Joe Biden, who isn't even running for president, garners 18 percent of the vote.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump leads a pair of outsider candidates with a handful of other candidates lagging far behind.

Trump has support of 34 percent of likely GOP primary voters, Dr. Ben Carson has 14 percent and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has 11 percent.

Perhaps one of the most telling facets of the poll has to do with Joe Biden.

Even though he's not in the race, he would defeat all three GOP front-runners if the election were to be held today. He would be beat Trump, Fiorina, and Carson by double digits.

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