CTDOT Is Looking for Snow Plow Drivers

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There is no major snow in the forecast yet, and that's something that probably makes many of us happy.

But when the snow does come, will the state be ready?

On Tuesday the state Department of Transportation said they're still in need of about 140 snow plow drivers. Their current staff is just under 900 people.

One of the issues they're facing is that they are looking for CDL drivers. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's the same license required to drive a school bus, another industry that's been suffering from a labor shortage.

While bus companies are offering signing bonuses and other incentives, the communications director for CTDOT says they have some incentives as well.

"The stability that the DOT provides is wonderful incentive. People who work here can grow in their careers as well and so being able to have a position a career where you can grow as well as have great benefits," said Kafi Rouse, director of communications.

That may not be enough to get all 140 positions filled by the first big snowstorm. So what happens then?

There are restrictions for how much someone can drive in a certain period of time, so plow drivers can't simply double up their routes. That means there's a possibility you may have to wait longer for your street to be cleared.

"That is possible wait times could take longer for the rose to become clearer. And however, our team our crews, they take great pride in the work. So we will do the job until it gets done," Rouse said.

If you are interested in applying for a snow plow driving position, you can visit the CTDOT website.

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