Rabid Raccoon Bites House Hunter, Realtor

A man looking for a house got a bigger scare than a bad kitchen when his house hunt ended in a run-in with a rrabid accoon. It ended with a raccoon bite and rabies treatment, the Connecticut Post reports

A real estate agent was showing a man a partially completed house on Mile Common Saturday afternoon when a raccoon bit them and ran away, the newspaper reports

The raccoon ran away only to come back at 3 p.m. and tried to attack a man walking by the property, police said.

That man fought back and kicked the raccoon. His kick scared the raccoon and it ran off.

The raccoon met its end when a police officer later shot and killed it.

The two people who were bitten and the man who kicked the animal have received rabies treatments as a precautionary measure at an area hospital, according to police.

The raccoon’s body was sent to a state lab for testing to determine if it was rabid.  It was. 

Kelly Fitch, Easton's animal control officer, told the Connecticut Post Thursday that the state Department of Health's test confirmed what officials suspected.

"That behavior was very typical of a rabid raccoon," Fitch told the newspaper "There was almost no question that it would come back positive."

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