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CT's Unemployment Rate Estimated at 8.2 Percent

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Connecticut’s unemployment rate was estimated at 8.2% in November as the state continues to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for a ninth month, according to state officials.

Connecticut Department of Labor Commissioner Kurt Westby said the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the state’s unemployment rate is 8.2%, up from 6.1% in October and this reflects the impact that increased COVID-19 infections are having on the state’s economy and the workforce.

“The virus continues to have an impact on the economy. The higher COVID rates this fall caused closures and a pause in economic activity; these unemployment numbers generally reflect what people are seeing in terms of curtailed dining and retail. It’s important to mention that the economy is showing an underlying resilience that bodes well for recovery once the vaccine is widely distributed and people can re-engage in their activities,” Westby said in a statement. 

The state Department of Labor said that for several months, the official unemployment numbers were inconsistent with the number of claims, which resulted in a gap between the federal assessment and Connecticut’s assessment of the unemployment rate and this report reflects a better alignment and picture of the unemployed population in the state. Connecticut economists estimate the unemployment rate is 9 to 10%, down from about 11% last month.

Connecticut lost 1,600 payroll jobs in November 2020 after a revised 11,500 increase in October and this is the first monthly job loss since April’s drop due to the COVID-19 lockdown, according to the state Department of Labor. 

“Federal government employment fell by 1,000 jobs as temporary Census work ended. In addition, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decrease in leisure and hospitality where accommodation and food service lost a portion of last month’s gains. Offsetting these declines, transportation and warehousing, which includes delivery services, grew in November and now employs more people than one year ago,” Patrick Flaherty, Acting Director of Research for the state Department of Labor, said in a statement.

State officials said Connecticut lost an estimated 1,600 payroll jobs in November and has regained 64.5% of the jobs lost in March and April.

Three-Month Unemployment Rate

  • 7.8% in September 
  • 6.1% in October
  • 8.2% in November

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