CVS To Take Over Long-Standing West Hartford Pharmacy

A long-standing West Hartford pharmacy will be acquired by CVS Pharmacy at the start of next month.

Many longtime customers of Suburban Pharmacy learned about the change Thursday for the first time.

“It’s a shame to see it go,” Sue Lawshe said.

Sue Lawshe said Suburban Pharmacy on North Main Street has been her go for refills and beyond, to especially in times of need.

“When I've been horrifically ill, I’ve been able to call and have things delivered,” Lawshe said.

Thursday Lawshe learned the long-standing neighborhood pharmacy will be taken over by the corporation the next time she refills. While management tells NBC Connecticut all current customers’ prescriptions will still be processed, Lawshe worries about the experience.

“It’s that personal touch and the individual attention,” Lawshe.

Suburban’s management said most of the 12 to 15 employees will be able to keep their jobs in the coming weeks under CVS. Lawshe said she hopes communication with them stays too.

“I can call, I can talk to somebody and it doesn't have to go through a horrifically extensive national database. With this store it's their records and I can talk with the person who filled it last time,” Lawshe said.

“Sorry to hear that they're being bought out. I like independent things,” Birch Milliken said.

Milliken said the change is a sign of the times.

“That's the way a lot of things are going. I guess they’re really leaning toward ownership by some bigger corporation,” Milliken said.

In a statement, CVS said in part, “The transition to CVS Pharmacy will be a seamless experience for patients.”

The customers now say they’ll have to decide if they can stick to their go-to neighborhood pharmacy when new management comes to town.

“I don't know, I'll have to figure it out,” Lawshe said.

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