Cyber Monday Sees Record-Breaking Sales

Cyber Monday was the largest online sales day ever, bringing in $6.59 billion, according to analysts from Adobe.

The record comes at a perfect combination for many companies: Consumer confidence is up, businesses are trying to prove their online platform, and there’s a little bit of desperation from struggling retailers.

As retail disruption continues, companies are making a better-than-ever push to be available to the consumer wherever, and whenever, they want to shop.

Industry experts from Adobe told NBC Connecticut the smartphone has a lot to do with Cyber Monday’s record-breaking sales. About one-quarter of the day’s revenue - $1.59 billion worth - came from shoppers on their mobile device.

Timing, however, hasn’t changed much. Despite the seemingly blurred lines between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the week or two before and after, Adobe expert Taylor Schreiner still sees a pattern.

"Consumers will find the best deals on TVs on Black Friday," said Schreiner via phone interview. "Cyber Monday usually brings in the best prices on toys."

Schreiner predicts prices to stay low on electronics, toys and apparel until two weeks into December, before creeping back up for last minute shipping.

He also expects this holiday season will be the first to ever break $100 billion in online sales.

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