Dad Accused of Phony Money, Growing Pot Was Janitor: Report


The dad accused of running a phony money and marijuana-growing family business inside a massive Watertown house worked as a janitor until last month, according to reports.

Shpetim Hidri, 54, and his three sons Jeton Hidri, 21, Valdrin Hidri, 23, and Vetim Hidri, 25, were arrested last week after police raided their 4,000-square-foot home on High Meadow Road.

They found 45 marijuana plants in the basement as well as $9,000 in counterfeit $100 bills

Shpetim Hidri worked as a janitor in the Region 15 school district until April, the Waterbury Republican-American reports, citing court documents.

He has run into financial problems since the arrest, reports the Republican-American.

Shpetim Hidri’s lawyer, Kevin Smith, told the Republican-American that Hidri’s bank accounts were frozen and items were seized in the raid, including his wife’s car and a truck.

“He has been left destitute by this,” Smith told the newspaper.

Hidri appeared on Thursday in Waterbury Superior Court along with his wife, Nebije Hidri. Mrs. Hidri has not been charged with a crime. She is currently employed by the state's Department of Developmental Services.

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