Dad Dies in Shooting, Son Dies After Jumping in Front of Bus

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A 64-year-old Bridgeport man was shot and killed and his son died after jumping in front of a city bus in Bridgeport. The son, police said, was a suspect in his dad's death.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Joaquin Gonzalez’s wife found the 64-year-old man’s body in the couple's Pearl Harbor Street home.

An hour earlier Gonzalez’s son, Jesse Gonzalez, jumped in front of a city bus on Granfield Avenue, the Connecticut Post reports. On Tuesday morning, police said the son died.

Police told the Danbury News-Times that Jesse was a suspect in his father’s killing and they are investigating.

"First he tried to jump into a gray sedan," Carmen Cruz, 47, told the Post. She was waiting at the bus stop with her 12-year-old daughter and yelled for the man to stop. "When he saw the bus was coming, he started running and he threw himself into the bus."

What happened next was traumatizing for her daughter, Cruz told the newspaper.

Perry DuBose, a neighbor, told the Post that he knew Joaquin Gonzalez for almost 20 years and that the father had thrown one of his sons out of the house about a year ago, but he wasn't sure if the son had returned to live there. The son was thrown out around the time an ambulance arrived at the house and the father had a scar on his arm, DuBose said.

Jesse is listed in critical condition at Bridgeport Hospital.
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