Daffodils Are in Bloom for 39th Meriden Daffodil Festival

Meriden Daffodil Festival 2017

The 39th annual Meriden Daffodil Festival is coming to Hubbard Park and there will actually be daffodils this year! 

The daffodils took a hard hit after a handful of freezing nights last spring, but the daffodils are back and better than ever this year after the unseasonable warmth we've had the past few weeks. 

"They're beautiful. They're absolutely beautiful," Mary Iuberlmann, of Southington, said. "It’s spring and this reminds you of spring. It's wonderful." 

The seasonable weather is a warm welcome after freezing temperatures led to a daffodil festival with no daffodils last year, when the only flowers in sight were fake ones. 

"This is the most spectacular year I've seen in many years," the chairman, Mark Zebora, said. "The weather really cooperated and the daffodils are brilliant." 

For one local family, the daffodil festival is about more than just flowers. 

"My uncle, he has a plaque over there at the beginning of the thing, Donald Robinson. He had started some of the festivities years and years ago and he died in the war in '44," Jane Namnoun said. "So my family has been part of this for years." 

This year, the festival will feature more than 600,000 blooming daffodils over the 1,800 acres of Hubbard Park. 

"All ages walking around, all types of food, different vendors from churches and schools and music. It's lovely. It's lovely," Namnoun said. “Even in the rainy days, it's still fun." 

Fortunately you won't be dodging any rain if you're heading to the festival this weekend. 

Pre-festival activities this weekend include amusement rides, food trucks and a 5K race. 

The actual festival will be the following weekend, on April 29 and 30. Find out more about the events online.

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