Scene Clear After Crew Hits Gas Line at UConn in Storrs

The Dairy Bar and the Jones Building at UConn in Storrs were evacuated after a construction crew working at the site of an old barn that burned down earlier this month hit a gas line but the scene is now clear.

A university spokesperson said crews were “flattening” the ground when they hit the line around 11 a.m.

People were kept from the area because of elevated gas readings, but electricity was never turned off to the Dairy Bar so the ice cream remained refrigerated.

No one was been injured and the accident happened after summer break began, so few people are on campus. 

The construction crew was working at the site of a three-alarm fire earlier this month that destroyed a historic 1922 barn that was adjacent to the Dairy Bar and several other buildings.

The barn contained landscaping equipment, tools and office space.

The contractor is working on a project to level the area where the barn was and reconnect an underground water line that serves nearby pastures.

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