Damaged Cosey Beach Homes Torn Down

When John Giordano first saw his Cosey Beach house tipped over in the storm, he knew his beach home wouldn't be there for much longer. Just days later, demolition crews descended on the house with excavator taking it down piece by piece.

“It's as good as it can be, as far as it goes, but a lot of memories are going with this house,” said Giordano.

A lot of memories and a home for not one family, but two.

“Actually some friends were staying in it at the time. They got burned out of their home. I feel real bad for them because they not only lost their home, then they came here to stay here while their house was rebuilt and the house gets hit by a hurricane,” said Giordano.

If there was anything good that came out of the day, it was the small break on property taxes homeowners will get from the Assessor's office.

“As a result of the storm, we decided to come back and revalue everything again based on the condition of the properties to try to provide some relief for the residents here, and save them having to go to a possible hearing or anything else,” said East Haven Assessor Mike Milici.

Although that will be only a temporary help for Giordano, who is already figuring out how he will rebuild.

“There will be another house here soon, soon as we can get some plans made,” said Giordano.

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