Danbury Officers Suspended After Incident

Disciplinary action has been taken against three of four Danbury police officers involved in an incident with a motorist during a traffic stop.

One of the police officers is accused of abusing a driver.

According to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Officers Rob Madore, Andrew Katkocin and Ryan Howley will begin serving suspensions without pay on Sunday. 

The three are accused of witnessing Officer Chris Belair assaulting a driver during a traffic stop and doing nothing to stop it.

The suspensions were part of an agreement worked out at a hearing on Thursday. 

Howley will serve a 180-day suspension, Katkocin 120 days, and Madore will serve a 30-day suspension.

"These are very severe suspensions because we believe the failure to report these kinds of activities and failure not to get involved is problematic," Boughton said.

Disciplinary action against Officer Belair is expected to be decided in the next day or two.

An attorney for the officers, Eric Brown, told NBC Connecticut the officers did not do anything wrong, but agreed to the suspensions to keep the situation out of the courts.

"There's certainly not anything we would have hoped for, but in a situation like this, where you've got protracted litigation and potential loss of job, it made sense for those officers to put that whole matter behind them," Brown said.

State police are investigating to determine if any crimes were committed during the traffic stop.

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