Danbury Police Officer Accused of Using Unnecessary Force on Suspect

A 15-year veteran of the Danbury Police Department was arrested on accusations he used unnecessary force on a handcuffed suspect in July, according to Danbury police.

Police said 43-year-old Officer David Williams, of New Milford, turned himself after learning of a warrant for his arrest. According to investigators from the Connecticut State Police and Danbury States Attorney’s Office, video shows Williams using excessive force against a handcuffed suspect, identified as Pierre Elhayek, on July 30, 2016.

According to the arrest warrant, dashcam video from a Danbury police cruiser showed Williams kick Elhayek in the head when Elhayek was already lying on the ground restrained by other responding officers.

Elhayek was in custody on accusations he assaulted Danbury Police Officer Joseph Pooler, police said. 

In the arrest warrant investigators said that Williams was one of several officers who responded to the scene at 38 Germantown Road after Pooler radioed for help. When backup arrived they found Pooler covered in blood and bleeding from the head, investigators said. He was later treated for serious injuries including a nasal fracture and concussion.

In a written statement cited in the arrest warrant, Williams admitted that when he arrived on scene and saw Pooler's condition he was "shocked" and that he approached the suspect and kicked him around the top of the head.

Investigators said that Elhayek did not complain of injury or request medical treatment when he was taken into custody, and booking photos taken Sunday after the incident did not show any visible injuries. The suspect was later Danbury Hospital on Sunday when he began kicking and banging his head on his cell door. His legal counsel did not provide medical records from the treatment at Danbury Hospital.

"There is no documented evidence to substantiate that Officer David William' action of kicking Alhayek with his left foot resulted in physical injury," nor did Elhayek make that complaint, the warrant said.

Williams is charged with breach of peace.

Danbury Police Internal Affairs also conducted an investigation and concluded that Williams was in violation of several department policies. A disciplinary hearing is planned, police said. Departmental charges are possible.

Williams is due in Danbury Superior Court on Feb. 9.  

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