Danbury Schools Warn Parents of Self-Harm Challenge Game

The Danbury School District has issued a warning to parents about a dangerous challenge that could harm their kids.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a game that makers players take risks or hurt themselves in the form of 50 challenges, such as sitting on the edge of a roof or cutting themselves. Multiple reports say the last challenge is to commit suicide.

Administrators want to warn parents to be on the lookout for possible risky or self-harming behavior that could be tied to the challenge.

Some students at Danbury High School couldn’t understand the appeal.

"That's crazy...I think they should be more wise and mature," said Amal El-Mogharbel.

But administrators said there have been students researching the game on school computers, which is what prompted Danbury Superintendent of Schools Sal Pascarella to send the alert to parents.

"It's something clearly that is of adult nature and could be impacting," Pascarella said.

School administrators are monitoring school computer usage and have set up help for students who need it.

"We've alerted all our social workers and counselors so that know what's going on," Pascarella said.

The game is believed to have begun in Russia in 2015, and reports say more than 100 Russian teenagers have died as a result, though the link to the game is unconfirmed.

Administrators are urging parents to speak with their children about the dangers of such a game.

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