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Danbury Works With Community Organizations To Improve Vaccine Accessibility

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Mass vaccination sites and small pop-up clinics play a crucial role in ensuring shots are going into arms. As COVID-19 vaccination rates increase in the state, local leaders are trying to create more options for the public to get their shots.

Danbury believes the best way to improve vaccination rates is with partnerships.

"I think we've created a lot of avenues for folks to be able to get vaccinated," said Mayor Joe Cavo.

According to the mayor, the city has three mass vaccine sites; Connecticut Institute for Communities, Danbury's Public Health Department, and the Danbury Fair Mall. The city is also working with community groups and organizations to help people book appointments and setting up vaccine clinics.

"There's just a multitude of smaller operations that are happening around the city," said Cavo. "As agencies contact us and want to come here and service the needs of the public we've been open and helpful."

Despite the number of people getting vaccinated, city leaders are concerned about the positive rate which sits at 6.4%. Leaders are also asking the public to keep their guard up.

"It's not a time to drop your guard and we have to stay on top of this and numbers are climbing," said Cavo. "You need to make sure you mask up, wash your hands, and stay away from crowds."

Every day counts for the Community Health Center mass vaccine clinic at the Danbury Fair Mall and other sites around the city.

"We're getting more shots and we're doing more every day," said Mark Masselli, CEO and president of Community Health Center. "We're doing more of those mobile and pop up every day, seven days a week."

The health organization is adding additional lanes, more administrators at the site, and relies on community partnerships within the city to improve vaccine accessibility.

"We have a lot of spokes, where we're out with church groups and in the community and also in our physical plants where we provide primary care, so in all those locations, we're open," said Masselli. "We're getting more vaccines in and we're doing more and more every day."

The Community Health Center says the partnerships are key to boosting the number of vaccines being administered.

"It's so important to have people organize around their own interest," said Masselli. "We want church groups and social clubs to invite us in."

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the city along with other data can be found here.

If you are struggling with the VAMS portal, the city recommends calling the vaccine appointment assistance line. The number is 877-918-2224.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Your State and County

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports daily numbers on the percent of people fully vaccinated based on a person's county of residence.

Source: The The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Note: The CDC did not release any information for Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico and some counties.
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