Danielson Woman Accused of Stealing $2,500 MLB Poster

A Danielson woman accused of stealing sports memorabilia from a Sterling home last November has been arrested, state police said. 

Jessica Dessert was charged with stealing a Major League Baseball (MLB) batters hologram-type poster, among other items, from a resident at Snake Meadow Hill Road. 

Police received the complaint on Nov. 21, 2016 when the victim was released from the hospital and found that a number of items had been stolen from her home.

The poster portrayed "Triple Crown" MLB batters and was signed by baseball stars including Mickey Mantel, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski and Frank Robinson. The victim said she bought it 20 years ago for $2,500. 

Law enforcement officials were able to locate the poster, with the help of the New England State Police Information Network's (NESPIN) Pawn Shop database, at the Coins & Collectibles Emporium in Moosup. 

According to the database, the poster was either sold or pawned for $100, and re-sold by the pawn shop for $300. 

Dessert reportedly confessed to taking the poster from the victim's residence while she was visiting a family member.

Police said the victim suspects that Dessert has stolen other items from her residence before, including money, power tools, food, dog treats and soap. 

Dessert is charged with third-degree larceny and her bond was set at $35,000.

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