Day Care Center Sudden Closing Leaves Parents Scrambling

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A child care center struggling with skyrocketing costs will close its doors in 30 days, according to the The New London Day.  The announcement has left parents and teachers in shock.

Fairview, the Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut, will shut down its day care center, Friends Learning Together, after 10 years in business.  Fairview has provided care for seniors since 1892 and opened the child care center back in 2000.  Officials tell the Day that operating the center became too expensive when state and federal funding froze up.

"It was a good program.  We had a lot of good intergenerational programs and we're sad that we're losing it, " said James Malloy, the Fairview administrator. "I don't think anybody's glad this has to close.  It's disappointment for everybody, including me."

Parents and staff were informed on Monday that Fairview's board of directors voted to close the child care center.  The center, which provides care for for 44 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years will shut down April 16, reports the Day.  

Parents and teachers are in shock.

Katie Singer, a working mom of 2 children, told NBC Connecticut she's not sure what she's going to do.

"I have contacted several day cares but most have a waiting list and having two adds quite a bit of complication.  There is potential that my children may end up at different centers," said Singer.

"Yeah, it was pretty much a big blow.  I've here for I think about 8 years now,"  Melissa Blondet, a preschool teacher and parent, told the Day.  "It's definitely a big loss for everyone here."

Despite the stress of finding a new child care facility, parents had good things to say about the teachers and the center. 

"I have been very happy with the quality of my child's care.  The staff has completely prepared her for kindergarten, Fairview is top notch.  There is nothing in this area that comes close to comparing, " said Singer.

Parents are planning to meet at the Old Fellows auditorium at 5 p.m. on Thursday to discuss the closure, according to the Day.

Fairview's financial struggles are not uncommon.  Across the country, businesses and non-profit organizations are struggling with operating costs rising faster than revenues.  Last year the center operated at a $177,000, reports the Day.

 "It has been difficult; it has for all health care facilities, all nursing home facilities," Malloy told the Day.

Malloy said Fairview will try to help the center's employees find jobs elsewhere.

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