Dayville Wireless Zone Sends Mobile Trailer to Florida

The Dayville Wireless Zone held a drive during the weekend to help employees impacted by Hurricane Ian in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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“We’re trying to just group ourselves around our family,” District Manager Bethany LePage said.

The Dayville Wireless Zone, a Verizon authorized retailer, is helping its colleagues in Florida.

"They don’t have a store to work out of at all. So, that trailer is going down to Florida and we said, 'What else can we do for them besides sending this down there?'” LePage said.

LePage said the Port Charlotte Wireless Zone location was destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Employees in Dayville held a drive during the weekend, collecting everything from food, water, clothing and diapers to monetary donations.

“Some of them have no homes, they are homeless now, just everything was destroyed and it’s heart wrenching for us,” LePage said.

The donations were placed in a mobile trailer, which will help employees and the community down in the Sunshine state.

“So, just having that there and being able to run a generator and have people come charge their phone or get a phone if their phone was lost in the hurricane, so they can communicate with their loved ones. It's going to be essential," LePage said.

The mobile trailer was picked up on Monday and should arrive in Port Charlotte by midweek.

Monetary donations are being collected through Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Dayville location in the Killingly Commons.

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