New Britain

Dazzling Fireworks Lit Up the Night Sky in New Britain

Hundreds jumped at the opportunity to see one of the few official 4th of July shows in the state this year, though there were special rules to follow.

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Brilliant colors and terrific bangs produced another spectacular 4th of July fireworks show in New Britain on Saturday.

But while the production in the sky followed tradition, down on the ground things were a little different and scaled back for this year’s Great American Boom amid coronavirus concerns.

“Everything is upside down so we’re just trying to make the best of it,” said Stacey Krzykowski of Plainville.

People from all over rushed to buy a pass, which went for $10 per car, and eventually, all the spots sold out at Willow Brook Park.

“We really found this was like one of the only places around that had a fireworks show so we decided to make the trip out here,” said Cathleen Ewen of Canton.

This time people had to stick in their designated space, like a drive-in theater, and not spread out in big groups like previous years.

“Yeah, but it’s nice though. At least we’re out doing something,” said Ben Sacramone who was attending the show.

Those who left their spot to head to the bathroom needed to wear a face covering and practice social distancing.

“They’re being really smart about it. Everyone is every other car in the spots. They marked off the spots,” said Erin Maida of Danbury.

With no festival this year to bring in money and increased costs because of the new regulations, the mayor pointed out the car fee will help pay for the show, which is not sponsored and covered by the city.

For many, this will be an Independence Day they won’t soon forget.

“I think we have something to be grateful for right now,” said Ben Sacramone.

“I’m sure we’ll remember it forever,” said Cathleen Ewen.

If you want to catch a display in person on Sunday, Waterbury will be holding an event at 9:15 p.m. and people are asked to practice social distancing wherever they watch it from in the city.

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