Deadline for Storm Sandy Unemployment Benefits Is Feb. 4

CT Superstorm Sandy

If you were not able to work because of Superstorm Sandy, you can apply for disaster unemployment assistance until Feb. 4.

Connecticut residents who lost their jobs due to the disaster should file a claim by calling their local TeleBenefits line.

To find your local number, visit the Connecticut Department of Labor website at, check the blue pages of your telephone directory or call the Infoline at 211.

The U.S. Department of Labor oversees the DUA program in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which provides the funds for payment of benefits and reimburses the state for its administrative costs.

DUA is available to those who are not eligible for state unemployment benefits, including the self-employed, farmers and farm workers.

Workers may qualify for DUA if:

  • They were injured in the disaster and are unable to work;
  • Their workplace was damaged or destroyed;
  • Transportation to work is not available;
  • They could not get to their job because they must travel through an affected area;
  • The disaster prevented them from starting a new job;
  • Their business suffered because most of its income was derived from an affected area; and They are able and available for work, unless injured in the disaster, and have not refused a suitable offer of employment.

Registering for FEMA disaster assistance is not required to apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance.


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