Dear Soldier, I love you.

"Dear Soldier, Happy Valentines Day. Love from Priscilla," Marjorie Hackett-Wallace reads aloud from one of the 1,000 Valentine's Day cards she's collected for American soldiers.

New Britain elementary students made the cards that are going to be sent to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

"We wanted to help heal those with more than a broken heart," Hackett-Wallace said.

The NNMC is often the first stop for Marines who are seriously injured fighting for our country.

"They are making such sacrifices and then to be catastophically injured, to have a life-changing injury, they really need us to reach out and help them," said Hackett-Wallace.

Many arrive at the National Naval Medical Center with only the clothes on their back. That's why Hackett-Wallace is also collecting sweats and t-shirts to send along with the Valentines.

Hackett-Wallace has personal motivation for her collection.

Her son, Ryan, is a Marine. He just returned to California Friday, after eight months in Iraq.

Ryan made it home uninjured. But Hackett-Wallace knows there are so many others who don't.

"We are looking to give these Marines something... because they have given us so much," Hackett-Wallace said. "They protect us every day of our life. You may not see it. It's transparent to you. But they are there protecting you."

If you would like to donate, send an email to Marjorie Hackett-Wallace at

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