Death Row Inmate Attacks Guard, Prison in Lockdown

Northern Correctional Institution in Somers remains in lockdown after a death row inmate attacks a guard.

Prison officials won't identify the inmate but State Rep. Karen Jarmoc, D-Enfield, says the inmate is Daniel Webb, 47, on death row since 1991.  He was convicted in the murder of Diane Gallenbeck, 37, a bank executive in Hartford.

Prison officials say the attack happened on Monday morning when Webb was in a day room in the prison making a phone call when he assaulted and punched a guard captain.   The inmate was subdued by staff and placed in restraints. Four other staff members were also injured in the assault -- with injuries to their shoulders, backs and hands. 

All of the injured staff members are receiving medical treatment for their injuries.  State police were called and the prison remains in lockdown. Prison officials say charges will be filed against Webb.

Jarmoc is calling for greater oversight of health and safety issues at Northern Correctional Institution, the state's highest security prison.

"I am very concerned that we are not doing enough to safeguard the health and safety of our corrections officers," Jarmoc said. "While a newly established subcommittee is playing a critical role and making great strides, we must continue to work hard to ensure safety.  We also need stricter consequences for inmates who assault staff."

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