Deer Rescued from Ice in Simsbury Euthanized

A deer was euthanized after it was trapped on thin ice on the Farmington River in Simsbury, Connecticut, along Riverside Drive, for hours Monday.

The deer was euthanized by a local veterinatian after officials observed it had not moved much since the rescue, DEEP said on Tuesday. 

The vet determined the deer had a broken shoulder and jaw, amongst several other injuries, DEEP said. 

On Monday, couple of coyotes chased the deer and it wound up on the ice, according to Simsbury's animal control officer, Mark Rudewicz.

At one point, the deer was in the water, but it was able to pull itself up onto the ice and make its way toward the edge of the river, Rudewicz said, but the animal got stuck there, its legs in a split on the icy surface of the river.

The deer appeared to be exhausted, but Rudewicz had hoped that after it rested and gained some strength back, the deer would be able to make it back to the river bank on its own.

To help, an animal rights group threw dirt onto the ice to provide a source of traction, but three rescuers eventually made their way onto the ice to haul the animal up onto the riverbank with the help of ropes and a sheet.

After several attempts, they succeeded in pulling the deer off the ice and the animal eventually ran off into the woods before being seen again on Tuesday.

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"Human emotion is, you know, you want to rescue it. There's that humane component. It's an animal, we're here to help everyone," Rudewicz said.

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