Democrats Avoid Sen. Joe's Rambling

Get ready for a Joe Lieberman gabfest. The state's junior “independent” U.S. Senator and his pal, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are threatening to stop all work in the Senate until they get their way.

Ahh, a good, old-fashioned, Mr. Smith style filibuster!

They’re holding hostage a key funding bill unless their colleagues include language that blocks the release of photographs that show mistreatment of detainees for the next three years. The White House is reportedly in the Lieberman/Graham corner.

“To release the photos, to me, is sheer voyeurism,” Lieberman is quoted as saying in CQ.  “It’s disclosure without a purpose and it’s disclosure that brings great risk.”

Graham went further:  “I want the American people to know that if this batch of photos sees the light of day, some American soldier or diplomat is going to lose their life directly related to the violence that would be incited by our enemies by the release of these photos.”

The photos might be similar to those taken at Abu-Ghraib.  You remember those, right? -- WARNING: You could find these photos posted on Wired pretty disturbing.

 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is onboard, Graham said, according to Politico

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks a deal may keep the pictures under wraps and the funding bill moving along swimmingly, according to Politico. 

That’s too bad.  We were looking forward to hearing what Senator Joe had to say.  And say, and say.


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