Democrats, Bysiewicz Urge Gov To Sign Health Bill

Democratic legislative leaders and Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz marched to Gov. M. Jodi Rell's press office Tuesday, urging the Governor to sign two health care bills -- both of which, supporters say, would provide solutions to the health care problems facing residents and businesses.

Backers say the so-called SustiNet bill would create a new public health insurance option that would lead to a quality, affordable public health insurance choice for businesses.  The other bill, according to supporters, would expand the state's insurance health plan to non-state public employers, municipal-related employers, and the owners of small businesses.

Both bills passed the House and Senate and await action by Rell. 

The governor vetoed similar legislation last year and she's expected to veto these two bills when they reach her desk.   She has said both measures would cost taxpayers more money and that with the state in very difficult fiscal times, this is not the time to increase spending.

The governor has 15 days from Tuesday to decide what action she'll take.

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