‘Sad Day': State Democrats Denounce Donald Trump's Visit

State Democrats held a press conference denouncing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit to Hartford on Friday. 

"Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States," Senator Beth Bye said at the conference on Thursday afternoon. "A state like Connecticut prides itself for accepting all."

Trump is expected to be at the Connecticut Convention Center at 7 p.m. on Friday, Annika Deming, the communications manager at the venue said.

"(Trump's) message that we are weak as a country is inaccurate," the former mayor of South Windsor Saud Anwar said on Thursday. "Our diversity is what makes us great."

With Connecticut primaries approaching on April 26, political candidates are spending their time and money to get the attention of the state's voters while delegates are still up for grabs.

"Every vote will count because there are delegates up for grabs," JR Romano, the Connecticut Republican spokesperson said on Wednesday after Trump's visit was announced. 

Democrats also denounced other Republican candidates' "extreme" policies, especially Cruz and Kaish supporting the defunding of planned parenthood. Bye said while she couldn't believe that Trump could possibly be the Republican's nominee for the 2016 election, he is not too far off from his running mates. 

"As a Democrat, I can tell you, it is so unsettling to see what is happening in the Republican party-- a race to the bottom," Bye said. 

Bye said Trump "preys" on people's fears and doesn't respect the rights of women or immigrants. 

"Tomorrow when Donald Trump comes to Connecticut, it will be a sad day," the senator said.

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