Democrats Look to Block Dark Money from State Races

House Democrats want the money pouring in to state races to be traceable, and for the groups spending it to be held accountable. 

The proposed instituting a cap of $70,000 on groups making independent expenditures, and requiring disclosure of donors.

“We understand that we are limited in what we can regulate and what you spend and how you spend on elections but there is a story you can tell," said Rep. Matt Ritter, (D - Hartford) the House Majority Leader. "People can at least know where that money is coming from.”

The proposal stems from the 2014 state election, specifically, when Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley had a PAC supporting him with funds that were untraceable. Even today, it's unknown where the money came from.

House Democrats say they think voters have a right to know who is funding campaigns, and who paid for particular ads that they may come across.

Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz said, “Their name should be clearly listed whether it’s an internet ad, a TV commercial, or print media and then the voters should be able to go back very easy and look at the reports.”

Republicans wouldn't rule out backing more accountability in state elections.

I know there’s good intent in there somewhere," said Rep. Jason Perillo, (R - Shelton). “Anything that provides greater transparency and lets residents of Connecticut know where donations are coming from is absolutely good for the process.”

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