Demonstrators Hold ‘Resist Trump' Rally in Bridgeport

In Connecticut's largest city, Bridgeport, a "Resist Trump" vigil was held on Monday night.

“Trump is wrong," said vigil participant and Bridgeport resident Lauren Gray. "Trump is just flat out wrong.”

More than one hundred people held a "Vigil for Resistance", organized by the Make The Road Connecticut group, at McLevy Green Park. 

“This is a moment to reflect," said organizer Julio Lopez. "But this is also a moment to fight.”

Lopez' group is aiming to turn Bridgeport into a sanctuary city, in which local authorities would agree not to contact federal agencies that could put undocumented people and refugees in danger of deportation.

"There’s a movement building," said Lopez. "There’s a lot of people excited in the worst way possible."

But the focus of the Monday's vigil was on protesting Trump's travel ban, which impacts immigrants and refugees-- mostly from Muslim-majority nations.

"We want our president to see that we are coming together to fight for justice," said Bridgeport resident Aracelis Hidalgo, who attended the vigil with her two year old daughter.

Quietly waiting just outside the gathering was Terry Sullivan, a Trump supporter, who backs the president's latest executive action.

"I came here to speak to people and say that we need to get along and to work together on immigration, on racism," said Sullivan.

As for Bridgeport potentially becoming a sanctuary city, the group that organized the vigil will present a resolution to the city council on Feb. 6. It is unclear what would happen after that.

“We can’t be screaming at each other. We all have to talk. We’re all in this," said Gray. 

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