Department of Transportation Encourages Commuters to Utilize CT Rides

All CT Transit and CTfastrak buses have suspended bus fares until Dec. 1.

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Drivers are trying to find relief at the pump as the state's gas price average continues to soar.

The Department of Transportation is looking to make travel plans a little easier for commuters with the CT Rides website and app.

The app connects commuters to different kinds of transportation like buses, trains and car sharing. Inside the app and online, you can pick your start and end location. In a few short seconds you have a list of options at the bottom of your screen.

The uptick in gas prices is causing some to opt for alternative methods, like Bob Panagakos.

"You fill up your tank now you're talking about $75 dollars now," Panagakos said. "I'm always thinking what’s economically feasible for me so if I can take the bus and not have to worry about spending any on gas or think about parking, I'll jump on a bus."

Dominic Lawrence's bike and CT Transit buses have become his go-tos in order to get to his destination.

"Everything is getting higher so we have to find different ways and means to get to where we go to go and still keep that money," Lawrence said.

The change of heart to opt for other methods of transportation is causing some to opt for car-sharing, buses and trains. Metro-North Railroad tells us there has been an uptick in ridership through the last couple of months, especially with workers returning from work.

The railroad system is also looking to help riders save a few dollars while commuting to and from their destination.

"We have definitely seen ridership increase over the last several months. I mean, last week, we had the highest weekday ridership ever, we’re seeing really great ridership on the weekends," said Catherine Rinaldi, president of the Metro-North Railroad. "People who used to be able to buy a monthly ticket who are not necessarily traveling that much can now buy a $20 trip ticket, which is now a discounted ticket, you know, just to give people more options.”  

All CT Transit and CTfastrak buses have suspended bus fares until Dec. 1.

Inside the app, you can select your start and end locations and in a few seconds, you'll have a list of ways to get there including bus trains and even ride sharing.

"There's a lot of options for folks in Connecticut who are trying to get from Point A to Point B," Morgan said. "The resources from the CT Rides website connects commuters with different services, different providers that may be available to someone depending on where they are."

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