Derailed: No Trains at Metro-North in Waterbury

The train won't be stopping at the station in Waterbury any time soon.

Busing is in effect at the Waterbury branch of Metro-North until further notice. The change will help add more cars to the New Haven line, which has had severe problems in the winter weather.

In a letter to Metro-North customers, President Howard Permut called the situation on the New Haven line "dire." The problems stem from the age of the electric trains and the weather, he said. The cars were designed in a way that makes them extremely vulnerable to snow.

The New Haven line is now operating on a "Reduced Winter Schedule," which means morning and evening peak service will be reduced by 10 percent.

Gov. Dannel Malloy told the Connecticut Post that suspending Waterbury train suspension will free up two seven-car, diesel-powered trains that can be used on the New Haven Line -- providing about 1,400 additional seats available.

"This brutal and punishing winter has meant unprecedented breakdowns on the New Haven Line and anything we can do to supplement service, we will do," Malloy told the Post.

A Sunday schedule will be in effect both Saturdays and Sundays. This reduced service will run until March 4.

In Waterbury, the bus service will follow the train schedule.

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