Derby Couple Arrested in Ansonia After Investigation Into Unfinished Home Addition

Police said they took $134,000, but did not finish the home addition.

A Derby couple who owns a remodeling company is accused of not finishing work on a home addition and refusing to return the money. 

Ansonia police started investigating when they received a report that M & R Remodeling failed to complete remodeling work. 

The company had received payment of $134,000 for a home addition, but only finished $69,000 worth of work, then stopped working at the house and refused to reimburse the unused balance, according to police. 

Richard Signor, 37, and his 36-year-old wife, Melissa Marti-Signor, own the company and police said they arrested Signor on May 31 and they arrested Marti-Signor on June 1. 

They were both charged with larceny in the first degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the first degree and they are due in court on June 12.

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