Documents Reveal Safety Concerns, Hazards at Daycare Where 2-Month-Old Died

Documents obtained by NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters reveal that the licensee of a Stamford daycare, where a two-month-old baby died, safety concerns and hazards from the last two years. 

Stamford EMS responded to Little Bears Beginnings Daycare, on Wardwell Street, around 3:12 p.m. Tuesday after a worker called 911 and reported that the baby girl, Bella Redondo, of New Canaan, was having trouble breathing, police said. Bella was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled the baby's death a homicide and said the cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head, police said.

The most recent inspections outline various safety concerns and hazards within the daycare from both late last year and a couple of months ago. The documents also reveal the licensee failed to complete a corrective action plan until recently.

In December of 2015, a state inspector from the office of early childhood paid an unannounced visit to the Little Bears Beginnings Daycare on Wardwell Street.

Little Bears main childcare provider Nydia Carillo got licensed in April 2015 to run the family daycare from the second floor of the rented home. Carillo's husband, William Corleto and sister, Claudio Carillo also worked at the daycare, according to documents. 

When a state inspector arrived in late December, they documented concerns that Claudia Carillo did not have a medical tuberculosis test done, nor a completed background check, the documents read. 

Additionally, reports show the inspector found a curling iron plugged into a lamp where a child was asleep on the floor.

Inspector Miriam Johnson wrote in the report the "backyard (is) unsafe for childcare at this time" after observing gas grills, propane tanks and a pile of fencing wood with nails exposed in the back yard during the Decemeber inspection. 

The report also said an electrical outlet and sockets were left uncovered in a bathroom.

While some repairs were made on sight that same day, letters from the state indicate that Nydia Carillo failed to submit the entire corrective action plan need in February or March. 

A supplemental report of inspection from May 18 recorded a heavy metal piece of construction equipment propped up against a wall in the backyard play area, two stairways in the back yard that weren’t protected with gates not fully secured.

The report also said a child was seen walking into a gas grill and sharp edge that resulted in a minor mark on the side of his face.

The problems noted in the May 18 report were fixed according to a corrective action plan and returned to state officials on June 1 of this year.

Following two-month-old Bella Redondo’s death, NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters was told it’s likely an inspector will visit Little Bears again.

Since the Medical Examiner ruled Bella's a homicide,  police are talking with three people from the daycare, but have not identified them.

NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters has reached out to an attorney for the daycare.

The commissioner declined to speak with NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters on camera on Thursday.

On the commissioner's website, parents are advised to look for a copy of the license and medical forms and to ask any questions they need to. 

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