Stores Race to Get Patriots AFC Championship Gear Ready for Fans

The Dick’s Sporting Goods in Enfield and Manchester opened early this morning so Patriots fans could get AFC Championship gear and fans showed up, including students who wanted new shirts to school. 

The Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24 to 20, last night and will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

Gima Sport in Hartford was creating the gear this morning and started embroidering the hats at 6 a.m. 

"We took the hats of Minnesota off the line and Jacksonville and we got lined up ready for the Patriots and the Eagles," Robert Giamsiracusa, of Gima Sport, said. 

Those hats will be sold to local vendors. 

It was a game that fans will be talking about, including whether they had faith that the Patriots would be victorious or whether they were doubtful.

Dylan Wingard, of Glastonbury, had doubts.

"To be honest, I wrote them off about the end of the third quarter. End of the half they were still down by 10," Wingard said.

Alexa Schwartz, of Portland, had faith.

“After the Super Bowl last year, you can't count them out. The entire game I figured they were going to win. Everyone was doubting me, saying the Patriots were going to lose," she said.

The two Dick’s Sporting Goods stores opened at 6 a.m.

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