Did You Feel That? 3.6M Earthquake Strikes Mass., Impact Felt in Conn.

The USGS reports a 3.6M Earthquake occurred in Massachusetts on Sunday morning.

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People in Connecticut reported feeling their homes shake on Sunday morning.

The earthquake was first reported as magnitude 4.0, but later downgraded to 3.6. Centered in Bliss Corner, a section of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, it struck just after 9 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The depth of the earthquake was 15.1 km.

Viewers across the state in towns such as Danielson, Enfield, Groton, Newington, Mystic, Vernon, Windsor and Woodbury said they felt the impact.

NBC Boston said some of their viewers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island also reported feeling the earthquake.

The seismograph in Westport captured the earthquake, as well.

Officials from UConn's Dept. of Geosciences said Sunday's earthquake was the largest one in New England in over eight years.

"While earthquakes can happen in New England, it’s rare to have earthquakes that are large enough to be felt. This is the largest event in New England since October 2012, when an earthquake centered in Maine was felt in Connecticut," officials from UConn's Dept. of Geosciences said.

"Although our area isn’t on the boundary of a tectonic plate, stresses that are communicated far into the interior of our plate can reactivate ancient faults that are hundreds of millions of years old," UConn officials added.

On the Richter magnitude scale, this morning's earthquake (magnitude 3.6) is considered a "light" earthquake, which is often felt and could cause some minor property damage.

A meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boston said his house has a new stress crack after the earthquake.

It's unclear if there are other reports of damage.

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