Dilligence Training in East Hartford Hosts Grand Opening for New and Regular Clients

This year, opening up a business might be a little different than in years prior because of COVID-19. However, there is one fitness club that is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment.

Dilligence Training opened its doors in East Hartford for the first time on Saturday afternoon. The training group has a mission of creating a unique fitness experience for all new and regular clients.

Devonte Dillion is the CEO and founder of Dilligence Training and said that having his own gym with some dedicated staff is a dream come true.

"I think it's all about creating and cultivating a unique experience," said Dillion. "It's great to have something of my own and it's something that provides a lot of pride to know that we were able to open the facility in the midst of a pandemic."

The gym has a variety of fitness training and classes for clients to take part in online or in-person.

New clients are offered a free consultation with one of the fitness trainers. After the initial consultation, trainers and clients create goals and plans to accomplish during their time with Dilligence Training.

The group is also adhering to the state's health guidelines, like cutting down on class sizes, requiring masks and ensuring there's enough distance from each client.

"We want everyone to maximize their time here with the intensity but we want to make sure that you're focusing on cleaning after you use the equipment," said Dillion. "We want all of our clients to feel safe and secure when exercising either at home or in-person."

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