Discrimination Claims in New London

The NAACP is asking the Dept. of Justice to investigate the fire & police departments.

New London police discrimination1

On Tuesday night, the New London NAACP tackled recent claims of discrimination against its police and fire departments.  The organization said it wants the Department of Justice to step in and investigate. 

Police video from October 2010 is why the NAACP has demanded that intervention.  Lance Goode, who has a history of drug convictions, was arrested that night, but said New London Police Officer Roger Newton set him up, after claiming he threw drugs on the ground and kicked them under his car.  Newton just resigned and state police are still investigating. 

“I watched the entire video and when I seen it, I went to the state’s Attorney General’s office,” Goode told leaders of the NAACP. 

When they heard his story, they were furious.

"We think that Roger Newton was a traitor to the police department, he’s a traitor to this community, he's a traitor to the state of Connecticut,” one leader with the NAACP said.

The New London NAACP was so furious over this, they called a community meeting, where dozens voiced their opinions. 

“I’m a little upset tonight. I’m really upset.  I’m angry is what I am,” State Rep. Ernie Hewett told the crowd. 

The situation only intensified when a firefighter told the crowd and claimed he was fired before his career even started.

“I worked really hard and I was looking forward to having the greatest career of my life,” Al Mayo said. 

He said he was let go from the academy after he was wrongfully accused of vandalism.  He also claimed he was continually hazed through his training, and singled out.

“I’m looking for justice because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” Mayo said. 

This was just one of several possible civil rights violations the NAACP wants further investigated.  

The fire chief was not at the meeting, but the police chief was, and she refused to comment.  The mayor left, before NBC Connecticut could get a comment.

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