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Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Coming on I-91 Over the Phone

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A baby boy was coming fast as his mom and grandmother were driving down Interstate 91 to get to the hospital on Monday night and a dispatcher helped talk the grandmother through the delivery.

The grandmother called 911 around 7:30 p.m. and said her daughter’s water broke, the contractions were a minute apart, they were on I-91 near exit 34 and they were heading to St. Francis Hospital, which was several exits away.

“She said the baby is coming,” the grandmother told the dispatcher from Troop H.

The dispatcher, remaining calm, told the mom not to push and asked if the grandma wanted to pull over for an ambulance to arrive.

But the baby was coming quickly.

The grandmother pulled off the highway at exit 48, pulled over and the baby arrived soon after.

“The baby’s out,” the grandmother screamed. “I’ve got my grandson. I’ve got my grandson.”

The dispatcher made sure the grandmother checked to be sure the umbilical cord was away from the baby’s neck and he was swaddled in something warm.

“Congratulations,” the dispatcher said, talking the grandmother through ways to check to make sure the baby was breathing.

“Keep him nice and warm until the ambulance gets there,” the dispatcher advised.  

Then the baby cried.   

“There we go. That sounds nice and good right there,” the dispatcher said.

The baby’s name is James.

We wish all the best to James, his mommy, his grandmother and all his family.

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