Ditch Your Bills, Go to the Library

Don't pay when you can get it for free


The economy is still in the dump and everyone is looking for a way to save a few cents.  The best way to do this is get your self a library card.

You could save upwards of $45 to $70 a month by eliminating services you pay for that your local library can provide you.

Stop paying for your Internet you don’t need to.  Almost all libraries in Connecticut have computers card holds can rent out for a period of time.  If you prefer to use your own laptop, aside from having to pay for a physical therapist to deal with your back pain from lugging it down to the library, you can get free WiFi.

According to the Bristol Press, there was a 60 percent increase in computer use over last year at Bristol Public Library. The increase occurred even though computers weren’t available from April to June because of installation issues. 

Dump the $13.99 you are paying for your Netflix subscription.  The DVD collections in libraries are growing everyday.  You can rent a classic like Forest Gump or the latest season of Showtime’s Weeds from many libraries. 

Some libraries have more extensive collections than others however the great part about having a library card from your hometown will allow you use it any where in the state.

Now if you love music, stop paying for it.  Now don’t go and steal it online, borrow it from the library.  Like DVDs, many libraries are building their CD collections.  One thing to keep in mind though is that they may not have the latest release the day it comes out.

You should check out your local library to other free programs they have.  Some have computer classes, film talks, and free museum passes. Oh and of course they have books too.

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