DMV Begins Assessment to Help Cut Wait Times

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced Thursday that it will begin reviewing operations to find ways to cut wait times.

In a press release, the DMV said in recent a poll of 1,300 customers, nearly 70 percent said wait times were too long.

"That 70 percent is unacceptable. Customer sentiment is critical to our success. DMV's focus now is on finding new and different ways to reduce wait times and improve our relationship with our customers," DMV Commissioner Michael Bzdyra said in the release.

The DMV has experienced a slew of issues since the launch of software purchased from 3M Corporation. In April the DMV severed ties with 3M. 

In May the DMV took several steps to improve services at the agency, including appointing a chief operating officer, a project management office and an agency training and management reporting system. 

The DMV said the new assessment began this month at branch offices. The first stage will focus on services including passenger car registrations, commercial vehicle registrations, and boat registrations. The DMV will work with vender MorphoTrust to examine workflows and find steps in the processes that can be cut or streamlined.

The whole process is expected to take six months and will analyze workflows from beginning to end, incorporating both customer and employee feedback. The end goal is improved customer service.

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