DMV Severs Ties With 3M Amid System Problems

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles announced that it will not be moving ahead with 3M for the next phase in its system overhaul.

The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters have investigated problems with the modernization of the DMV's system since it was put online in August. 

Documents reveal that the DMV and 3M will dissolve the agreement between the two after Phase 2 is complete.

The DMV modernization came in three phases but after trouble with registration in the second phase, the agency decided to end its contract with the corporation early. 

Phase 3 of the process involves licensing.

According to the documents, 3M must address any and all concerns the DMV may still have involving Phase 2 but after this is complete, the agency will sever its ties. 

The modernization would have overhauled the way Connecticut processes drivers' licenses.

“We value our relationship with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, and 3M is committed to meeting its obligations to the DMV,” Fanna Haile-Selassie, 3M's spokeswoman, said.

In January, the DMV commissioner, Andes Ayala, resigned days after promising to fix a computer glitch in its new computer system that caused police to wrongly pull over drivers for having suspended registrations. 

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