Rep. Calls for Car Cuts at Corrections

When you're talking about an $18 billion budget, every car counts.

State Rep. Karen Jarmoc says at least 30 of the 165 vehicles used by the Department of Corrections are unwarranted.  Deputy wardens, an engineering director, deputy commissioners, and even the communications director are tooling about Connecticut in state-funded vehicles.

Attempts to find out how much is spent  for maintenance and fuel have not been successful, said Jarmoc. She's asked the department for that information, but DOC says it won't be available until after Gov. Jodi Rell's budget address next week.

And it's not just an excess of cars for deputy wardens plaguing the state, said Jarmoc. There's also an abundance of deputy wardens at state correctional facilities. Jarmoc would like to see their numbers pared as well.

Republican Sen. Dan Debicella, a ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, says the state must be prepared to cut these kinds of expenses. He said that with a $6 billion budget deficit projected over the next two years, lawmakers will have to trim 15% in spending or else boost taxes, something Gov. Rell has vowed not to do.

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