Doctor Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Patients

A Glastonbury doctor learned his fate in court today after he was convicted of sexually assaulting 18 patients at the Community Health Center in Clinton, where he practiced.

Dr. Tory Westbrook, whose medical license was revoked in 2012 after the allegations came to light, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison and 15 years of probation. He'll be eligible for probation after serving about half his sentence.

The court found him guilty on all counts of second- and fourth-degree sexual assault after Westbrook inappropriately touched more than a dozen female patients during exams.

It was an emotional day for everyone involved.

“I can’t hold my daughter anymore. I can’t kiss her, I can’t even touch her because of what happened to her,” said the father of one victim. "He not only ruined her life, he ruined my life, he ruined my wife's life, he ruined my other daughter's life."

State’s Attorney Peter McShane said nine victims delivered emotionally charged testimony during the proceedings and others crowded into the packed gallery, seeking justice.

“For the first time during this entire procedure, they felt empowered,” McShane said. "They were able to stand up in court, look at the defendant and tell him the impact that it had upon them."

Many shed tears in the courtroom, as did Westbrook when his sister and others friends and family members spoke on his behalf. For his part, Westbrook read a statement expressing extreme remorse.

“With every fiber of my being and God as my witness, I am truly sorry,” Westbrook said. “Every day, I pray for forgiveness.”

Victims thought Westbrook’s sentence too lenient, but the defense believes otherwise.

“The sentence was significant, in our view, harsh,” said defense attorney Norm Pattis.

The judge, on the other hand, said the punishment fit the crimes, adding that more than 50 victims came forward to share their stories.

Westbrook could have faced a maximum of 44 years behind bars.

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