Doctors Warn of COVID-19 Related Illness in Children

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Two more children at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital are being treated for a rare illness connected to COVID-19 called pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome or PIMS.

“This is a syndrome that’s rare,” said Dr. Tom Balcezak, chief clinical officer at Yale New Haven Health. “We have now seen a total of five cases in the Yale New Haven Health System, one of which was successfully discharged.”

It’s a new illness the hospital is researching with other health officials across the country. There are 100 cases in nearby New York, while Connecticut has eight known cases: three at Connecticut Children’s Hospital and five at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

“I think four of the five are doing quite well. One is in our ICU but stable,” said Balcezak.

Of the Yale cases, three came from Fairfield County. None of the children showed symptoms of COVID-19, yet all but one tested positive during treatment.

“Children can be silent spreaders if you will, because they don’t necessarily always show the classic symptoms of cough and fever.”

Balcezak says they believe children’s immune systems are causing inflammation in their organs as they recover from an unknown COVID-19 infection. That inflammation is similar to the more severe cases in adults.

“Swelling of the hands or feet, eye redness, cracked lips, and this rash – all over rash – and you’ll very typically see it on the back,” said Balcezak. “If you see those symptoms, call your medical professional, talk to your pediatrician and don’t delay your care.”

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