Dodd Tours Middletown Explosion Site

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After U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd toured the site of the Feb. 7 power plant explosion today with Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano, he said stronger federal guidelines are needed to prevent an explosion similar to the blast that killed five workers and damaged a power plant.

Dodd said the investigation will be completed this week or next week. Federal government could help with the cleanup, he said, and called for a national standard to purge gas lines.

The town's chief building inspector, John Parker, said after the Feb. 7 explosion that it appeared the workers performed a purge of gas lines by sending nitrogen through the line followed by natural gas to clear out any moisture. He called it "an accepted and approved method."

Dodd said the work on the plant must go forward, citing the need for clean energy in Connecticut.

On Tuesday, the governor's special panel of investigators also began its work.

"We're not looking to place any blame. We just want to as I said to someone the other day make sure every t was crossed and every I was dotted," Rell said.

Retired federal judge Alan Nevas is leading six Rell administration commissioners to review Kleen Energy, but there's a limit to what they'll hear.

"At  this point no one knows if in fact there may be criminal involvement. Obviously, they don't want the witnesses coming in," he said.

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