Does Times Square Suspect Have Rights?

What rights does the suspect in the attempted Times Square car bombing have?

The question is now at the center of a growing political debate.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, is speaking out about the case.

The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, 30, of Bridgeport, was initially interrogated without being read his Miranda rights, according to the New York Times. Investigators claim they later read Shahzad his rights, but he waived them.

During an interview with Fox News Tuesday, Sen. Lieberman explained under current law any American who fights in a military force, that’s an enemy of the U.S., loses their rights of citizenship.

Lieberman suggested it’s time to expand upon the concept. "It’s time for us to look at whether we want to amend that law to apply it to American citizens who choose to become affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations, and therefore be deprived of rights that come with that citizenship when they are apprehended and charged with a terrorist attack," he told the cable news outlet.

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