Dog Attack Victim Dies Week After Attack: City Official

A New Haven woman attacked by two dogs last week has succumbed to her injuries.

Brian Wingate, a city alder who lives across from the where the attack took place at 1519 Ella Grasso Boulevard said that Jocelyn Winfrey died from her injuries a week after the June 20th  attack.

Just days after the attack, he estimated she had less than a 50/50 chance of surviving.

“She was incoherent. She was, she was, she was eaten up," Wingate said.

Wingate rushed from his home when he heard the screams as did many other neighbors.

“It was just weird because it’s so close. I’ve never seen anything like that so close," said Zerennadi Umeugo.

“It was just a gruesome sight at this point, a gruesome sight," Wingate said. “These dogs really took her apart. From her eyes to her head, down to her toes.”

The two dogs have been in quarantine since the attack Monday night, according to New Haven's animal control officer. Both dogs are American bulldog mixes, the officer said.

The dogs' owner was also bitten, but was not seriously injured.

“These dogs was vicious. These dogs was really really mauling her," Wingate said.

The property where the dogs lived has a tall fence surrounding it. Neighbors say the people who lived inside moved in a year ago and kept to themselves.

“Never heard them. Never saw them. Didn’t even know they had dogs," said Donald Montano. “He needs to be prosecuted. His dogs, his training hurt someone.”

Wingate said the city council should consider passing a vicious dog ordinance in the hopes this doesn’t happen again. He said he doesn't think it would be appropriate to ban a specific breed.

“I think whatever we look into, and I will be looking into it, whatever we look into will be data driven in reference to what kind of animal perpetuates these kinds of crimes, because this is a crime," Wingate said.

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